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Gold necklace with coral centerpiece

Gold necklace with coral centerpiece. It is a necklace that enchants the eyes and warms the heart. It is an ode to beauty and elegance, a creation that turns every moment into a special occasion. With its golden glow and sparkling corals, this necklace is a jewel that shines like a star in the fashion firmament.


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Gold necklace with coral centerpiece


This jewel is a work of art that enchants with an extraordinary central, adorned with tiny corals that shine like stars in the night sky.

The gold of the necklace is like a ray of sunshine shining on the skin, imparting an aura of luxury and sophistication. The necklace fits gracefully around the neck, catching the light and reflecting it gracefully.

The centerpiece of this series is a true masterpiece. Composed of corallines, it creates a stunning effect. These corallines, a deep, vibrant red hue, stand out strikingly against the golden background. Each coral is like a little magic fire, a gem of passion and beauty.

This piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is a style statement that captures the attention and wonder of everyone who meets it. Wearing this golden necklace with its centerpiece adorned by the sparkling corals, you will feel like a queen, with beauty shining like a precious treasure.

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Dimensions 60 cm


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Gold necklace with coral centerpiece

Availability: 1 in stock



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